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Number of Classes: 16
Classes Duration: More than 186 minutes
Course Cost: ₹1900.00
Subscription Duration: 100 Days
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Course Description

Learn to speak Hindi by investing only 10 to 15 minutes a day.Learn from the comfort of your home, any time of the day. You can learn the concepts of constructing sentences word by word. Every class includes various examples to illustrate the usage of words/sentences related to that topic.Specific classes are designed to tackle day-to-day specific situations.You can also practice speaking while you watch the videos. Enroll now and enjoy unlimited access to the course videos 24/7 for 100 days.(Medium of Instruction-English). If you wish to pay using non-Indian Debit/credit cards, please email us at to get the payment options.

List of Classes

Index Title Duration Details
02:30 Introduction to the Course and guidelines
1 06:32 First Person Pronouns - I / We
All about you
05:18 Second person Pronouns ( You)
3 06:41 Third person pronouns (He / She / They / It ). Numbers
Answer to question whose
10:40 Possessive forms (My,Our / Your / His,Her,Their)
Question and Answers
15:29 What Why where how when etc
Negations Free
07:31 Using the words No, Not and relates words.
7 08:44 Location related words
Verbs and tenses for First person
09:21 Verb "am/are" in all past, present and future tense. All tenses for the verb "to be", "to stay", "to play", "to go" with respect to first person.
Verbs and tenses for Second and Third person
06:45 All tenses for the verb Play and Run with respect to Second and Third person.
To and From , Directions , Distance
16:36 To and From(For and By) , Directions , Distance related words and sentences.
Adjectvies, Opposites
10:21 Learn the frequently used Adjectives and opposites of common words.
Comparison, Colors
09:24 Part 1 : Comparison words. Part 2: Common colors
13:12 Learn about conditional words and how to use in sentences. Learn words related to Climate and Seasons.
Quantity, Calendar and Time
11:34 How to use words related to Quantity. Learn about Calendar and Time related words and sentences.
Parts of Body, Vegetables and Fruits
09:12 Learn the different parts of body. Know about Common vegetables and Fruits.