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Number of Classes: 26
Classes Duration: More than 384 minutes
Course Cost: ₹2900.00
Subscription Duration: 100 Days
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Course Description

Learn to speak Kannada from the comfort of your home, any time of the day.This course has 25 self-learning video tutorials. You can learn the concepts of constructing sentences word by word.Every class includes either a picture composition or a conversation to illustrate the usage of words/sentences related to that topic.Specific classes are designed to tackle day-to-day specific situations.You can also practice speaking while you watch the videos. Enroll now and enjoy unlimited access to the course videos 24/7 for 100 days.(Medium of Instruction-English). If you wish to pay using non-Indian Debit/credit cards, please email us at to get the payment options. The users who enroll again on our website for the second time - either for same course or different course, will get 50 days of additional access for FREE. Kindly contact us after re-enrolling in order to get the coupon code to avail the benefit.

List of Classes

Index Title Duration Details
General Information
03:43 General Information
1 13:53 Words and phrases for self introduction,greeting others.First and second person pronouns
2 16:51 Refer someone or something. Third person pronouns
20:34 Numbers 1 to 20, count in tens, higher numbers, ordinal numbers
Possessive Forms
18:55 Easy guidelines for identifying a possessive form.
Verbs And Tenses Part 1
17:37 Different forms of tenses for first,second and third person (singular and plural) for verbs 'See' and 'Play'
Verbs And Tenses Part 2
14:23 Different forms of tenses for first,second and third person (singular and plural) for verbs 'Go' and 'Come'
Verbs And Tenses Part 3
20:02 Different forms of tenses for first,second and third person (singular and plural) for verbs 'Do'.Illustration of present continuous tense for common verbs.
16:26 Words / phrases indicating location like - in.on,above,below,at,behind,infront etc
Question Words
12:25 Usage of question words like What,how,Where,who,when etc
14:02 Detailed usage of No,not don't like etc.Converting negations to affirmations and vice versa.
To and From
12:42 Usage of 'To' and 'From' in sentences.Eg- From Home, to office , to market and so on
Relations / Genders
20:55 All about family members and relations. Also, learn Masculine,feminine and Neuter genders. Easy guidelines to change the gender.
Singular Plural
13:53 Easy to apply guidelines to change Singulars to Plurals.
Adjectives / Opposites
13:21 Learn about qualitative adjectives. Opposites for commonly used words.
Colors, Animals/Birds
14:12 Learn about different colours. Also Know different animals and birds
16 14:45 Details of usage of time and calendar related words like, day,month, year,hours,weeks etc
Parts of the Body / Vegetables and Fruits
18:55 Learn parts of the body through a conversation with a dietician. List of common vegetables and Fruits.
Conversation With Maid
18:46 Usage of words w.r.t routine household work through a conversation with a maid. Also, know the words used for comparison.
Conversation With Bus Conductor - Conditional words
16:58 All about using conditional words through a conversation between a passenger and a Bus conductor.
Directions and Distance
18:02 Asking and knowing directions and distance through a conversation with a stranger on the road.
Coversation with vegetable vendor
19:54 Know about quantity, money and measurements through a conversation at a vegetable shop
Conversation With Doctor
13:03 Know about how to explain ailment and words related to a medical situation. Also, learn words related to Seasons/Climate.
Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebrations
11:18 Introducing words related to function/program through a picture composition of Karnataka Rajyotsava celebration at school. Also, learn words related to geography.
Conversation With Auto Driver
17:46 Explaining an auto driver about where to go. Also, know about how to seek or grant permission.
Conversation In Kitchen
16:44 Know about common grocery,food items and kitchen/cooking related words through a conversation between friends about a recipe.