Learning a new language is not a herculean task anymore!

Learn to speak Kannada / Hindi with ease and confidence from the comfort of your home!

Welcome to Vidyamruth, a language Centre that allows you to easily pick up the nuances of Kannada / Hindi languages essential for day-to-day communication in various facets of life. We employ innovative teaching concepts and effective program structures so that you can learn the language quickly and easily.

Being well-acquainted with the local language not only builds credibility, respect and confidence but is also a new, fun adventure. It creates a sense of belonging to the place, thereby improving the quality of living.


Vidyamruth is keen on making day-to-day communication easier, within a short span of time. We tackle Kannada / Hindi speaking challenges by implementing our LISTEN AND LEARN methodology for the best outcome. We emphasize on students getting used to the sound of the Kannada / Hindi languages and meanings of common words before getting to the rigor of grammar. This is a proven methodology that Vidyamruth has customized and perfected with several students.

Vidyamruth offers self-learning video tutorials. Subscribing to our video tutorial courses gives you unlimited access to course videos 24/7 for 100 days. Our users include school students, professionals, NRIs, housewives and anyone else interested in learning either spoken Kannada, written Kannada or Spoken Hindi.


Vidyamruth has something for everyone. If you have moved to Karnataka away from your native town, and wish to learn the local language of Karnataka, then you have landed at the right place. If you live outside India and wish to teach Kannada / Hindi to your kids so that they remain in touch with their roots, then your wish can be fulfilled here. If your child is struggling through Kannada / Hindi lessons at school, Vidyamruth can help you out. We welcome students of all ages from all walks of life. Whether you are a working professional who wishes to negotiate better with an auto driver, a housewife interested in communicating better with your household help, a school student struggling with second / third language, a businessman working with local clients or someone just keen to impress their friends. Vidyamruth caters to everyone. You could choose to learn at your own pace using our e-modules.